12 March 2011

Hello family, friends, and those of other PCTs. A few of the other aspirantes have reported that parents or friends have found our blog. Bienvenidos!
It is our third Saturday here, day 16 in Honduras. This weekend we have both Saturday and Sunday off, but most of us went to school this morning anyway for yoga with the wife of the Assistant Country Director and soccer. It was a nice relaxing three hours.
This past week was busy with a lot of stuff. I had 17 hours of language classes and the balance of the time in school on general safety/health awareness classes or project specific technical training. Thursday Salud went to visit the Centro de Salud in Santa Lucia. A centro de salud is a public health clinic, and the doctor there gave us a lecture on the Honduran health system in Spanish. I have a lot of work to do on my Spanish, but I can notice a big difference from when I arrived after only two weeks of classes.
Friday, we spent the afternoon gardening! A part of the family health initiative is family gardens. We cleared some land, started compost, dug beds, and planted both seeds and transplanted seeding tomatoes and yucca. I really enjoyed it, even if I almost sliced the pad of my thumb off while peeling a limón that I picked. (Not a bad cut, but I shouldn’t use a dull knife)
We are starting to get into learning real things, which is nice. (Sam is still having lectures in MBA language, like the 7 books of rural banks, or the 7 points of cashflow) Salud had the two field trips, and a presentation by a current PCV doing work on childhood malnutrition. That was extra interesting because it was fully in Spanish.
The food has been good. Beans, eggs, fried plantains and rice have been the most constant foods, with lots of carrots, chile dulce (bell peppers), potatoes, chicken and ground beef common elements. We also get a sweet coffee with breakfast every morning, I’ve definatly had more coffee in the two weeks I’ve been here than in the past two years.
I have a phone, and have figured most of it out. It is way cheaper for me to call you (0.5 Lempiras a minute, or less than 2.5 cents USD) so if you would like a call, email me and I’ll get that within a week or so and call you, or you can txt me and I’ll call you back. I got one message from Greg through the internet portal, which came after it sent me a message saying the session was terminated so I don’t know how well that works.
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