06 March 2011

Week dos

Since Jeff can apparently neither spell nor use correct grammar in English, I will be writing today´s update.  We are living in Zarabanda, Francisco Morazan, Honduras for the next week and a half, until we go to our FBT (field-based-training) sites.  I would tell you where they are, but I´ve forgotten (Jeff says he´s going to Valle San Antonio in La Paz).  We now both have phones on Hondruas´largest phone network, TIGO, and the numbers are up on Facebook.  It is free for us to receive txts and calls, so feel free to call us with Skype or whatever.  We both called home last night, but we can´t afford to do that too often on PCT pay (57 lempiras per day).  This week we were broken up into different language levels, and we also started our project-based classes. Jeff and I were part of a safety and security exercise this week as well where we got ¨car-jacked¨.  If you see pics on facebook, don´t be alarmed.  Jeff placed into the Novice high level and I placed into Intermediate low.  We both have to make it to at least Intermediate mid to be placed in the field, but would like to be higher than that for ease of communication.  We do pretty well, especially when together or with others because what one doesn´t know, the other might.  Yesterday we went to Santa Lucia, the closest town to our house.  It´s about a 45minute to an hour walk, mostly uphill.  It´s gorgeous and quaint with a cute little church and a nice overlook of the mountains.  It has a spanish wikipedia entry if anyone wants to look it up.  I´ll make it quick since our host sister is waiting for us, but so far our experience is much like when we studied abroad (minus the sitting in a cafe drinking beer all evening).  Since we get up before 6 we go to bed early.  It´s also a lot more dangerous to be out at night on a bus or whatever.  Anyway, that is all.  Sarah, you are leaving soon, yes?  Have an awesome time!  Everything will be great, I´m sure.

Sorry if this was a boring post, I didn´t plan ahead.  Maybe pics next time?

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