28 March 2011


Yuscaran is beautiful.  It's a nice colonial town situated on the side of a mountain.  I think its horribly hot, and the hondurens are constantly complaining about the heat, but it's no where near as hot as where Jeff is (I think I will wait to visit him).  Still, the sun is tremendous, and it's really hard to concentrate in classes in the afternoon.  My host family is great--my mom works at Hondutel, my dad is retired, I have a 27 year old brother with Down Syndrome who is very high functioning, a host sister who is 14 and lots of fun (she's teaching me songs in spanish), and a host brother who lives in Teguz and studies medicine at the Universidad Catolica (he's 19).  They are a fun family because they are physically affectionate in a way that is normally uncommon for families here, possibly because they have a kid with down syndrome. 

Today was interesting--it was shadow day where each of the aspirantes got assigned to a business for a few hours.  The rest of the week have to work on developing business plans for them.  My first two businesses were closed due to a lack of power (this is fairly common, it was out for 8 hours yesterday).  I ended up at a ferreteria or hardware shop, but pretty much this one just sells motor oil and bicycle parts, and is a partition of the lady's house. 

This weekend I hung out with my family.  They own the hotel next door which they are renovating, another hotelito on the other side of the house, a casita in the country, and a farm with cows, coffee, bananas, and mangoes.  One of these days my father is going to take me to milk the cows--I already learned how to make leche cuajada, a kind of queso fresco.

It rained this afternoon which is super rare in this season, but I loved every second of it.  My host sister Paola took pictures of me jumping in the puddles.


  1. pictures please. jumping in puddles. :)

  2. You'll have to teach my how to make that leche cuajada. :) I'd like to see sammie jumping in puddles and maybe some of the lyrics to the little songs Paola is teaching you?

  3. This sounds like a good match for you.