01 February 2011

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A bit of timeline.
Sam and I finished our online PC applications 08 June 10.
We interviewed 18 Aug 10 and were given very positive feedback at the interview.
We received our nominations 27 Aug 10.
We received our formal invitation to Honduras on 04 Nov 10.
We received our staging information 24 Jan 11.
We travel to Atlanta 23 Feb 11 for staging.
We leave the US for Honduras 24 Feb 11.
We have training in Honduras 24 Feb - 14 May 11.
We will be back in the US May 2013.

Sam will be a Business Advisor, and Jeff will be doing Health Advising. What that will actually entail will depend on where we are placed in Honduras and the needs of the specific community.

We leave in less than a month now, and are not ready to leave yet. We both work through this week and have been putting off most preparation things until then. Our car is sold, we move out the 15th. Most of the bigger things have been dealt with, there is just a ton of little things that keep cropping up. Where can we park our phone numbers to save them (I've had my number for more than 10 years), finding all our W-2s from last year (I think we will have about 10 between us), who do we want to go visit, when do we go visit who, I'm going to be *30* the year we get back!?


  1. You guys will be missed.. again. I thought we'd gotten you back the first time, but you guys just can't sit still; I understand. As far as the cell phone goes, have you tried calling your provider. For missions like this, sometimes they will put your phone in hibernation - so you pay a really small fee, if anything, to just keep the number with no use.

  2. Hey Sam and Jeff, I didn't get to see you before you left but you both are in our thoughts. Best wishes for an exciting time in Honduras. Hope you get to scuba dive at some point because its really beautiful. If you need anything they have a Walmart in Tegucigalpa
    and we can ship to site. Zoe and Mia send their love-be safe--Cis