08 February 2011

moving on up

Jeff and I have now both stopped working in order to pack up all our stuff, take care of our taxes, insurance, etc. and visit some people.

My last day at fibre space was Friday, and it was a good day.  Lots of people came in and said goodbye, and I was sad to leave them... but so many of them were supportive and amazing.  Jeff's last day teaching was today.  He's been working in a k-2 autism classroom since September as a substitute instructional assistant/babysitter.  While he is pretty sure he'd rather teach high school, he really enjoyed working with his kids, and I know he will miss them.  Hopefully we'll be able to do a penpal thing with one of the classes.

Since we haven't yet addressed this I figure now is a good time to answer the question everyone is asking (in their heads, if not out loud): Why?

Why do I (Jeff will have to answer for himself) want to be in the Peace Corps?  I can sum it up pretty well using a story about one of my customers.  She had been in to the store several times, and after I spent an hour with her winding up a tangled skein of 1000 yards of lace, she was pretty sad to see me go.  What she said, however, was "I'm excited for you.  I know that if I could do it over, I'd do a lot of things differently".  I would like to live my life so that I never have to say that.  There's so much more that goes into my decision to join the Peace Corps, but that, I think, is the simplest answer.

Anyway, we are trying to gather together a few things that we need before we go, mostly multipurpose clothes that will dry quickly and hold up to hand washing and a lot of use.  Peace Corps requires us to dress business casual for training, and while working (unless in the field).  We are moving our things into Jeff's parents basement (thank you!) on Sunday, and then I imagine we will be frantically stocking up on downloaded movies, music, and books.

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