01 February 2011

It had occurred to me that our first blog post should be about us--telling you all about what our life together has been like so far, and about why we are joining the Peace Corps.

Instead, I will discuss the name of our blog. First, Jeff wanted our blog name to be catchy. Wittiness is an important thing for him, and this was easy to remember. At the time I kind of just said why not, and let it go. Well, then I started to think about it, and about what it could mean.

¿de qué? de qué [país, estado, lugar]? Possibly. Some of you may know that I studied abroad in the UK. I have long felt that there are both too many and too few places that feel like home, and thus I have a hard time explaining where I come from. Perhaps life is a journey in creating a home, or, in our case many homes. As our parents' homes go through various renovations and look less and less like they did during our childhoods, cities and places we've lived feel more like home. Honduras will be another home for us.

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