18 February 2011


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We are making our rounds to see family and friends before we leave for Atlanta Wednesday morning.  We have packing and parties planned for this weekend to see more people and clear out more things from Jeff's parents' basement (thanks parents!). 

On tuesday we drove up to Schenectady to visit my great-uncle on his farm.  It was a lovely time--cold and snowy outside, but warm inside, and full of home-feeling.  The farm is the kind of place that it nearly impossible to leave.  It draws you into its life and it is very hard to believe that any other life is possible.  It is a life that I have often dreamt about.  I told Jeff that I want ten years of career-development and then we can move someplace like the farm and have a family.  I figure that after two years of Peace Corps and eight years of career I can become some kind of consultant and live in the country and take the train to the city a few days a week while mostly working from home.  It's nice to dream, isn't it? 

Anyway, on our way back to Virginia we were able to stop and see a friend in the Bronx for lunch.  We were hoping to see more friends, but it's hard to get on people's last-minute schedules.  We also spent a lovely time walking around Princeton with my uncle, and eating ice cream.  Mother nature (aka, global warming), has decided to get us accustomed to Honduras by giving us a few 60-70 degree days this week.

We've got everything we need except a few last-minute items like hair ties, we just need to pack it and organize it--all while seeing everyone this weekend.  It'll go fast!

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  1. I am wishing the two of you the absolute best. Keep us all updated. <3